Child Care Loan

Economic & Business Development Director Greg Wagner is available to talk with you about WCI's forgivable loans for child care providers. Contact Greg at 800-735-2239, or greg@wcif.org.

We've had an overwhelming response to our forgivable loans for child care providers. Unfortunately, they are now at capacity. Please contact Greg Wagner to discuss, 800-735-2239 or greg@wcif.org.

WCI is pleased to launch a pilot project to provide forgivable loans to child care providers.

  • Loans up to $3,500.
  • Available for both home-based and center-based providers.
  • Used to open or retain child care slots in WCI’s nine-county region.
  • Loans are used to make property suitable for child care.
    • Typically, related to improvements for property to be licensed or expand licensed space.
  • 0% interest paid.
  • Payments are forgiven each month child care services are provided.
  • Must meet WCI loan guidelines.

Forgivable loan frequently asked questions.

Download an application

Contact: Greg Wagner at greg@wcif.org or call 218-739-2239