549 Family Foundation

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Pictured above is the school playground at the Heart of the Lakes Elementary School. 549 Family Foundation helped make the playground a reality for students of all ages for years to come.

The 549 Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization comprised of alumni and community members who believe that through creative contributions to programs, activities, and facilities of the 549 school district, the students of today will become our inspiring leaders of tomorrow. 

Together we can strengthen the present for our youth, and provide them with the educational tools for a successful future. 

Nearly 250 alumni, businesses, and school boosters are dues-paying members of the Foundation. With increased financial cuts to school funding, grant requests have continued to grow annually, and the foundation is looking to expand membership to help with fundraising. 

Check out our website for more information on how to give. 

Renew or sign up to join our hive today!

Here are our different membership levels:

Hive Membership: $54.90 

Honeycomb Membership: $154.90

Honey Bee Membership: $254.90

Gold Membership: $549

Each member of our hive will receive a 549 Family decal, as well as a subscription to our newsletter. 

Members of each membership level will be listed on our website,, along with our newsletter and other various publications throughout the year. 

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