Stand with the Farmers of New Roots

Earlier this month, the farmers from the New Roots farm in Moorhead, Minnesota discovered that their vegetable crops were severely damaged from pesticides that drifted from an adjacent farmer’s field. New Roots is an incubator farm that supports 16 beginning farmers, many of whom are immigrants and refugees, to access land to grow crops to sell at local markets. The farm uses organic practices (including no herbicides or pesticides) and provides critical income and culturally appropriate food to the farmers and their families. We are all devastated. 

To be clear, we have not started this campaign (which is being sponsored through the West Central Initiative Foundation) to point fingers or shame other farmers. We know that conventional farmers have also had many challenges this year, and we do not feel this incident occurred through malintent. We are calling out to others who share our belief in a regenerative food system that is inclusive of all farmers. Can you take a stand with this tenacious group of farmers, who have faced many struggles – from flooded fields to soil contamination - in their three years of searching for a safe and secure place to raise vegetables? 

The vegetable crops are showing signs of chemical burn - curling leaves, stunted growth, yellow and brown coloration. One farmer, Caliton, described feeling “heartbroken for a second time, after the repeated chemical trespassing killed the remaining beans and onions.” Many, if not all, of the crops will need to be replanted. All of the tomatoes are ruined, and we are waiting on test results to know whether the other crops will be safe to eat or sell. We are currently replanting many of our crops and working with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to make certain that only safe produce is brought to market or consumed by our families and community. 

Donations of any size are much appreciated!  

  • A gift of $20 can help a farmer purchase 5 new tomato plants 
  • A gift of $50 begins to compensate farmers for lost sales 
  • A gift of $100 can help compensate farmers for labor and purchase needed supplies like hoses and wheelbarrow 
  • A gift of $500 helps us establish a cooler on site for when we can bring high quality, lovingly tended vegetables to market again soon. 
  • A gift of $1000 or more contributes to the long-term vision and expansion of New Roots as a model that can be replicated throughout the region and beyond 
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