Citizens of our region will soon receive government stimulus checks. West Central Initiative has word that some recipients will donate all or a portion of their windfall to local charities, small businesses, arts and recovery causes. WCI Director of Development Rebecca Lynn Petersen writes about philanthropy in current times and why this makes sense for some.

As a society, we’re finding joy in doing what we can to make the current situation better, for ourselves and for others. That’s one of the reasons I live in west central Minnesota: we do what we can for our community.

West Central Initiative is providing grants first come, first served of $1,000 to family-based providers and $3,000 to center-based providers within its west central Minnesota service area.

West Central Initiative establishes 2020 Resiliency Fund in response to COVID-19.

Among the impacts everyone is facing, our small business community and its employees are being hit especially hard. Many owners are likely asking themselves: What's next?

WCI's Nancy Jost offers some tips for parents who find themselves working from home while also caring for their children.

WCI Responds to Covid-19.

WCI's Sandy King reflects on change and creating a better world for all.

Barnesville area youth get a lesson in philanthropy in the sixth grade. Each class of sixth graders participates in a philanthropy curriculum in class and are given funds from Barnesville Area Community Fund to make grants. After reviewing applications and conducting interviews the youth make a decision on a non-profit to which they will gift the money donated to them by BACF.