Remembering Steve Jaenisch

Remembering Steve Jaenisch

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Steve Jaenisch, owner of Jaenisch Industries in Fergus Falls. The company specializes in metal fabrication, but Steve was also known for his inventive metal art.

Back in 2002, Steve was very excited to create a metal sculpture for WCI’s new building. When I visited with him at his shop to look at what he had designed, he had three concepts in mind, each of which represented a portion of WCI’s work. We decided on the figures that now grace our front lawn and Steve worked to get it done and installed right away. His pride in his work was evident. Staff has also enjoyed the sculpture over the years, including dressing it in various items of clothing! The piece was such a hit that we later asked Steve to make small-scale replicas of it to give to our board members as their tenure came to an end.

Steve also designed and produced a smaller sculpture for us that was given to many of our donors as a thank you for their gifts to WCI. The piece shows a plow, tree and lake. He had a unique talent and ability to represent many different things in one piece of his artwork, and a passion for the Fergus Falls area that will be sorely missed.

Stop by our office any time to see Steve's sculptures. They are always on display.