Live Wide Open

Live Wide Open

Driving home from a trip to Minneapolis last week, I was struck by the openness I felt as soon as I was able to see blue sky – without skyscrapers blocking my view. Have you ever experienced this when you head into rural Minnesota?

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the opportunities that are available in the MSP metro area – the ability to meet with partners from all across Minnesota – the positive vibe and energy that happens when you get together with folks who share the same passions as you. And when I think of the number of businesses that have their Corporate Headquarters in Minnesota, it makes me even more proud to call Minnesota home.

While in Minneapolis I was able to attend the Minnesota Council on Foundations annual meeting – held at the Art Institute in the heart of Minneapolis – again – one of the many rich resources we have in Minnesota. The event was top notch – the speakers and leadership outstanding! I was fortunate to sit next to the incoming Council Vice Chair June Noronaha, who is with the Bush Foundation, and Linda Halverson from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation. The contacts made and the meal shared were well worth the drive.

Minnesota is a land of many opportunities and the landscape in rural Minnesota is changing – store fronts in small towns are now filled with businesses and main streets are revitalized. Young and old realize that open spaces, knowing your neighbors, and the 10-minute commute to work with lavish landscapes all around, is a great place to call home.

For over 28 years the Minnesota Initiative Foundations have been a constant, positive voice for rural Minnesota. Because of caring community leaders, a positive “can do” attitude, rural Minnesota is a place you can choose to both live and succeed. Thank you for making Minnesota a great place to call home.