Online tools to help with charitable giving and estate planning

Online tools to help with charitable giving and estate planning

We are continually impressed by the generosity and kind spirits of the residents in our nine-county region. Because promoting philanthropy is one of WCI’s main objectives, WCI has a charitable giving planning site that makes it easy for those who live and work in west central Minnesota to find information to help make wise charitable giving and estate planning decisions:

WCI’s donor services team Kim Embretson and Tom McSparron are available to go over information on this site, discuss your ideas and answer questions. You can reach Kim and Tom at 218-739-2239 (800-735-2239), or">

Consult with your financial advisor about all your charitable and estate planning needs and decisions.

Free for you at

  • The latest news and information  on charitable giving and estate planning 
  • Personal estate planning kit
  • Sample bequest language
  • Gift Illustrator: What could your gift look like? What are the benefits?
  • Brochures guides on topics such as:
  1. Making Your Will
  2. Beneficiary Designations: The 3 Easiest Ways to Leave Your Legacy
  3. Strengthen Your Future With a Charitable Gift Annuity
  4. Trusts: Choose From 2 Win-Win Ways to Donate
  5. Endowments: A Gift That Lasts Forever
  6. 7 Ways to Donate Real Estate
  7. One-Stop Giving: The Convenience and Simplicity of Donor Advised Funds