Newspapers are at the heart of many rural communities

Newspapers are at the heart of many rural communities

At the heart of many small towns today, you will find the local newspaper. This is certainly the case for Fergus Falls. We are fortunate to have The Daily Journal (since the 1960s); and as a group of us learned recently, the newspaper continues to be an important part of what defines community in our rural area. I was invited to tour the press room of The Daily Journal and was surprised at the use of technology and the enormous size of the printing press! Tim Engstrom, publisher, and his staff do an excellent job of representing the communities they serve. We not only were able to see the entire process, but Tim also shared with us their vision and hope for the future. The newspaper industry is alive and doing well! Yes, they now have an online presence – which is great for those who have access – but their mainstay continues to be the daily print edition. Tim and his staff are working on a new look for the paper and adding some fun features – more to come!

Thank you, Tim and staff, for opening up your doors and sharing your business philosophy with us. We are truly a richer community because of your dedication to sharing what’s important to our families. Personally, I love reading about the school activities, events happening in the area; birth announcements, engagement announcements, wedding announcements, and all other announcements. Another great reason to live in rural Minnesota.