30 for 30

Thirty years of stories about West Central Initiative and the communities,
people and organizations that make this region so great.

  • When The McKnight Foundation wanted to help Greater Minnesota combat the devastating effects of the 1980s farm and mining crises, McKnight staff and board sought the advice of those living there. McKnight gave the generous seed money to begin six Minnesota Initiative Foundations to serve all counties outside of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. For 30 years, McKnight has been one of our strongest supporters and partners.

  • Often it's hard for a person to get a clear picture of all the many ways West Central Initiative works for the nine counties we serve. That's why WCI staff and board rely on stories to make what we do come to life.

Stories about Strengthening Our Economy

Here at WCI we say everything we do is to strengthen the economy of west central Minnesota. These stories in particular show how we work with organizations to help businesses in our region thrive.

Stories about Community

Our communities are the heartbeat of our region. These stories share ways we've worked with communities to build leaders...and the next generation of leaders!

Stories of Regional Philanthropy

Through the power of philanthropy and people coming together for a common goal, dreams are coming true in west central Minnesota!