Sustainable Development Goals: how we measure our work, how we connect our work to each other

West Central Initiative, as part of the current strategic plan, has adopted 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as a way to identify collaborations and measure our success in helping each community be strong and resilient for generations to come.  

The work we have accomplished in west central Minnesota contributes to global goals and, by tying WCI's work to the SDGs, we show that what goes on outside our nine counties has a direct impact on the quality of our lives as well.  Simply put, we are all

The Goals:

Click on any of these Sustainable Development Goals to learn more about each one and see examples of how you as an individual, and you as part of a community, can work towards that goal. As you can see, each goal focuses on a different element of what makes our community, region, and nation truly great.

Think of your projects and organizations and how you work towards these goals every day!