Learn How WCI Impacts One Community; Is Yours Next?

The work of West Central Initiative impacts so many facets of a community.

We worked with the great folks of Battle Lake, in Otter Tail County, to look at ways WCI impacts one community. Did you know there are at least 10 ways that WCI can work with a community?

We have the "overview" of this effort featured here, but if you want more details about certain programs, click to hear some fascinating stories in these short videos. When we share these stories collectively, everyone has learned learned something about WCI they didn't know.

We would love to visit any community in our nine county region to show these stories and explore ways that we can work together to accomplish great things! 

1.  Gap Financing for Businesses

2.  Early Childhood Initiatives

3.  Supporting Communities Through Regional Planning

4.  Special Projects Support

5.  Small Business Enterprise, or Micro Loans

6.  Safe Routes to School

7.  Community Fund

8.  Technical Assistance for Communities, Organizations

9.  Donor Advised Funds

10.  Live Wide Open Regional Branding (or see the Live Wide Open website!)


  • Grants: We work through partnerships to provide the resources to help families and communities in west central Minnesota thrive. In particular, WCI focuses on the areas of: 
    • Community Development
    • Economic Development
  • Loans: We provide gap loans for business start-ups and expansions

To assist with completion of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion information on the application, please see DEI Definitions below.


Technical Assistance

  • Regional planning, including transportation planning and economic development,
  • Convening groups such as the Labor Force Development Council, regional EDA planners, Pine to Prairie GIS users group and regional transportation and trails groups.

Donor Services

WCI has a wide range of services and funds to help regional communities, families and businesses support worthy causes and make communities a better place to live.

What We Do