West Central Initiative's grants serve to unite ideas and resources to help the people and communities of west central Minnesota create a better tomorrow.

Grants are one of the resources West Central Initiative can bring to the table as it works with partners to help families, communities and businesses in our region thrive.

WCI offers specific programs focused on improving west central Minnesota’s social and economic viability for the long term.

WCI provides or helps secure funding in order to:

  • Leverage business development and advance a skilled workforce through our economic development grants.
  • Assist communities and the greater region in developing the capacities necessary to address priority needs and sustain their economic and social viability. WCI helps accomplish this through its community development grants.
  • Promote philanthropy by bringing residents together around local philanthropic issues. Perhaps the greatest value WCI provides is a way for people of all means to contribute to making their community a better place. In many west central Minnesota communities, citizens have joined together to raise funds for community projects by creating charitable funds,called component funds, with WCI. Component funds are, by far, WCI’s largest grant stream.

It starts with a conversation.

Interested in finding out about WCI’s grants and how they may work for your organization’s project? Please call Wendy Merrick, director of programs, at 800 735-2239 to talk about your idea.

Learn more about:

  • These grants leverage business development and advance the skilled workforce in our region.

  • Child Care Capacity Grant

    We are currently evaluating the program and we are not accepting applications at this time.
    The objective of the Child Care Capacity Grant program is to help expand the capacity of nonprofit child care centers in communities with a shortage of licensed care.

  • The Community Change Makers Grant Program aims to help west central Minnesota communities become more socially-connected, equitable, hopeful and empowered.

  • These grants assist counties, cities and townships with planning that addresses needs, access resources or develops a sustainable plan for future development.