Uniting Ideas and Resources

Driven by our strategic priorities and connected to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, our grants are just one of many resources we offer to work with partners in supporting our region's families, communities, and businesses.

We help secure or provide funding along with offering staff expertise to improve our region's social and economic viability for the long term. For instance, we:

  • Leverage small business growth and support entrepreneurs through our economic development grants.

  • Help communities address local needs to sustain their economic and social viability with community development grants.

  • Promote philanthropy by bringing residents together around local philanthropic issues.

Perhaps the greatest value we provide is a way for all people to help make their community a better place to live. In many west central Minnesota communities, citizens have joined together to raise funds for local projects by creating charitable funds, called component funds. Component funds are, by far, our largest grant stream.

It Starts with a Conversation

Interested in finding out about our grants and how they may work for your organization’s project? Contact Samantha VanWechel-Meyer at or 800-735-2239.