West Central Initiative focuses its programs on improving west central Minnesota’s social and economic viability for the long term. We use our funding resources to work with partners to help families, communities and businesses in our region thrive.

We provide or help secure funding in order to:

  • Leverage business development and advance a skilled workforce.
  • Assist communities and the greater region in developing the capacities necessary to address priority needs and sustain their economic and social viability.
  • Foster an environment for creating, attracting and retaining a skilled workforce through efforts such as our Early Childhood Initiative and the Live Wide Open program.

Our grant resources help us work with key partnerships in order to help families and communities succeed in west central Minnesota. In particular, we focus on the areas of community development and economic development. Currently we are using grant resources to address the coronavirus epidemic in our region, mostly through our new Resiliency Grant which, as of February, 2021, has awarded more than $600,000 in the region.

To inquire about potential grants or the many other ways we can help your community, contact Samantha VanWechel-Meyer, Development Specialist, at, or call 800 735-2239.

We also provide loan financing for business start-up and expansion in the region. For more information: