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Prenatal to Three Policy Initiative

This webpage documents and archives Minnesota Minnesota Prenatal to Three (PN-3) planning materials and meeting summaries. Check here for current PN-3 Coalition activities and information.


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The Prenatal to Three (PN-3) Policy Initiative is a joint effort of West Central Initiative and LaCroix-Dalluhn Consulting, LLC to develop a PN-3 policy and advocacy platform for Minnesota.

A planning team of early childhood stakeholders and statewide coalitions will build off the great work happening in Minnesota and keep equity a focus of all advocacy and policy plans

The purpose of the PN-3 policy initiative is to raise awareness about the importance of these early years and to ensure our youngest citizen’s are both meeting important developmental benchmarks and ready for kindergarten. Specifically this planning process will result in:

  1. A shared vision and advocacy/policy plan to implement in 2019,
  2. Advocacy strategies to support our shared vision and policy plan and
  3. A unified Coalition in Minnesota focused on cross cutting PN-3 policies to support infants, toddlers and their families starting by 2019.

The PN-3 planning effort is supported by Alliance for Early Success and funded by the Pritzker Children’s Initiative. Their support will give Minnesota access to technical support from a number of national organizations supporting PN-3 services and policy. It will also connect us with other statewide initiatives working collaboratively to elevate the profile of infants, toddlers and their families among policy and decision-makers.

For additional information about PN-3, contact LaCroix-Dalluhn Consulting.  

PN 3 Planning Team

Meet our team:

  • Amira Adawe, MN Children's Cabinet
  • Etonde Awaah, LaCroix-Dalluhn Consulting
  • Emily Babcock, Association of Minnesota Counties 
  • Sara Benzkofer, MNAEYC- MNSACA
  • Sameerah Bilal-Roby, African American Babies Coalition
  • Joan Brandt, MN Dept. of Health
  • Bobbie Burnham, MN Dept. of Education
  • David Cournoyer, Plain Depth Consulting
  • Betty Emarita, Development & Training, Incorporated
  • Barb Fabre, Indigenous Visioning  
  • Michele Fallon, MACMH-IEC 
  • Frank Forsberg, HealthPartners Bright Futures/MN Public Radio
  • Anne Gomez, Picture This Graphic Facilitation & Recording 
  • Lynn Haglin, Northland Foundation
  • RaeJean Hansen, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation
  • Dianne Haulcy, Voices & Choices for Children Coalition/Think Small
  • Don Hickman, Initiative Foundation
  • Marcie Jeffreys, Ramsey County
  • Nancy Jost, West Central Initiative
  • Gayle Kelly, MN Head Start Association
  • Jane Kretzman, Elder for Infants
  • Laura LaCroix-Dalluhn, LaCroix-Dalluhn Consulting
  • Ericca Maas, Close Gaps by Five
  • Jodi Maertens, Southwest Initiative Foundation
  • Gertrude Matemba-Mutasa, First Children's Finance
  • Ann McCully, Child Care Aware
  • Sara Messelt, MN Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS)
  • Kelly Monson, MN Children's Cabinet
  • Christian Nagel, MD: MN-American Association of Pediatrics-PN3
  • Dave Pinto, Prenatal to Three Policy Forums
  • Jerry Relph, Prenatal to Three Policy Forums
  • Kristen Rosenberger, Start Early/MinneMinds
  • Beth Quist, MN Coalition for Targeted Home Visiting
  • Clara Sharp, Ahavah BirthWorks
  • Bharti Wahi, Children's Defense Fund
  • Cindi Yang, MN Dept. of Human Services
  • Deby Ziesmer, Minneapolis Youth Coordinating Board


PN 3 Planning Meetings Dates

The PN-3 Coalition meetings

Minnesota's PN-3 Coalition is co-chaired by Nancy Jost of West Central Initiative and Bharti Wahi of Children’s Defense Fund of Minnesota and coordinated by Laura LaCroix-Dalluhn of LaCroix-Dalluhn Consulting. Partnering organizations work together to build awareness about these important years and work collaboratively to increase smart investments for infants, young children and their families.

PN-3 Coalition meets the 2nd Friday of month from 9:30-11:00 AM. Join us in person or online via Zoom.

Planning Meeting Minutes

PN 3 Advocacy Plans

Information will be updated throughout the planning process.