Who We Are

WCI's Strategic Plan

An Enduring New Framework for WCI

For many years, West Central Initiative has operated as a regional community foundation with a transportation and economic development planning arm. 
In our new strategic plan, we are embracing the identity of both a philanthropic and a planning organization. This decision affirms the tremendous value of planning and aligns our charitable purpose with the needs in our region.  

Through philanthropy and planning, West Central Initiative fuels insight and action for the benefit of our region and our world for generations to come. Learn more from video highlights from our annual meeting in November of 2019 (below).

Our Strategic Priorities for the Next Three Years

  • Reimagine Regional. We’ll aim to develop a greater unity and pride in our unique geographic region while being cognizant of our increasingly global lives.  We will foster mutually beneficial connections, model cosmopolitanism, and stand for diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Invest in Local. We’ll aim to invest in new strategies that build resiliency across sectors and localities, honor the unique assets of each community, and ensure our children have the support they need to grow and thrive.
  • Educate, Activate, Celebrate. We’ll aim to cultivate a greater sense of possibility and confidence in what we can do together, building capacity inside our organization and across our region to seize opportunities, try new things, and learn from all we do.

West Central Initiative's Strategic Plan in a Regional & Global Development Context

Along the way, we will understand our progress through two lenses: the Minnesota Association of Development Organizations’ (MADO) DevelopMN cornerstones, and the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals. Both lenses focus in on what a region and community needs to accomplish in order to become strong and resilient for generations to come.

Our Cornerstones of Regional Development

  • Human Capital: We invest in the people of our region.
  • Economic Competitiveness: We enhance, promote, and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Community Resources: We help build strong, inclusive, and engaged communities.
  • Foundational Assets: We work to foster collaboration, efficiency, and access to the above- and below-ground infrastructure vital to our collective well-being.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals