Frequent Questions

What does your organization do?

West Central Initiative is a regional organization foundation that works to strengthen the economy of west central Minnesota so its families, communities, and businesses can thrive for years to come. We do this by providing resources in economic and community development and by promoting philanthropy.

What counties do you serve?

We serve the counties of Becker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Pope, Stevens, Traverse, and Wilkin and the portion of the White Earth Nation in Becker County.

If I were to donate funds, how is my money used?

Your gift to the West Central Initiative endowment would be invested to grow earnings, which would fund community initiatives. Your gift would keep our region strong by sustaining early childhood coalitions, expanding business opportunities, training local workers, coordinating transportation planning, supporting local community projects, and much more. Your gift would continue to earning money and strengthen our region.

What is your nonprofit status?

West Central Initiative is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts to West Central Initiative are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

What is your organization's privacy policy?

We take our privacy policy seriously. We don't sell or otherwise disclose information about our volunteers or supporters outside of our immediate organization. We don't sell or exchange your information with any other organizations, public, private, or nonprofit. This policy has no exceptions.

How can I get financial information about your organization?

Specific financial information, including our IRS 990 Form, is available to the public upon request. We don't employ individual managers to manage investments. Our investment advisor is Pavilion Advisory Group, Inc., 43 Main Street SE, Suite 148, Minneapolis, MN 55414. Wells Fargo Trust, Minneapolis, custodian.