Who We Are

Mission, Vision and Values

Serving to improve west central Minnesota through funding, programs and technical assistance.
Our Evolving Vision
West Central Minnesota will embody the best quality of life, with communities actively engaged in crafting a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable future.
Our Organizational Vision
West Central Initiative operates as a collaborative and integrated team of leaders, experts, and investors working together to ensure our region and our world thrives.
Core Values
Our work at WCI is further understood through the lens of four core values that we will seek to embody in all that we do. 
  • Neighborliness arises out of a strong belief that our interconnectedness is crucial to our long-term viability.  Town to town, county to county, organization to organization, and certainly person to person, the fabric of our region depends on cooperation, appreciation, openness, and generosity. 
  • Generosity is a dimension of neighborliness, but it flies higher over the region because it speaks to a willingness to embrace a common good that can only be achieved through collective action, through everyone giving of their time, talent, and treasure.   
  • Empowerment in our current context is directed both internally and externally. We encourage both our staff and our fellow citizens to be a part of bold action in our region, and to develop and use power to a good end.
  • Trend-testing is a dimension of that bold action. We learn from one another while we work together to solve problems.  We will embrace risk and learn from our mistakes, always.