Who We Are

WCI's Strategic Plan

Economy Impact Goal: The regional median wage is 120% of the cost of living.

  • Leverage Business Development: Broaden the base of regional employers offering a livable and competitive wage.
  • Advance a Skilled Workforce: Help individuals gain the skills to secure higher paying positions.
  • Increase Net Migration: Foster an optimal environment for creating, attracting and retaining a skilled workforce.

Community Impact Goal: 85% of residents believe they can and are shaping

the future of their community.

  • Enhance Engagement: Increase the number of people engaged in working toward the future success of their communities.
  • Guide and Encourage Community Collaboration: Align local and regional perspectives around needs and strategies, assisting residents in taking action.

Philanthropy Impact Goal:

  • Promote Philanthropy: Broaden the base of residents engaged in identifying and investing in their vision for the region.


Read the entire plan and the strategic framework on which the WCI Board and staff are building our mission and vision: